Architectural & Modular Umbrella Ranges

The Street Umbrellas product offering consist’s of two distinct umbrella ranges to select from.

Architectural Umbrella Range (retractable)

The Architectural Umbrella Range offers various canopy shapes and sizes, higher wind rating & the are fully collapsible.

Centre Series


Side Series


Portable Series

Modular Umbrella Range (permanent)

The Modular Umbrella Range  is iconic in design & offers a cost effective alternative to custom designed fabric structures.

Conical Series


Inverted Series

Hyper Series <span style="color:#fc0000;">Modular</span> Umbrellas

Hyper Series

Serving as both a design element and a practical solution for your staff and customers, heavy-duty commercial outdoor umbrellas are perfect for complementing the outdoor section of your business. More than just an outdoor umbrella, a heavy-duty commercial design from Street Umbrellas is made to withstand the harsh Australian climatic conditions while remaining in top quality shape for years to come.

Choose heavy-duty commercial outdoor umbrellas for your business

Our product offering consists of two distinct umbrella ranges — the Architectural and Modular ranges. With centre, side and portable options to choose from, there is sure to be a style that will suit your business in our Architectural Umbrella Range. These commercial designs take on a traditional umbrella style that is the perfect feature for street-side dining or poolside lounging. The beauty of choosing a design from our Architectural Umbrella Range is that they are retractable — allowing you to take them down at the end of the day.

As you will see from our past projects, designing an outdoor umbrella in heavy-duty fabrics that are ideally suited to your business style and design concepts can enhance the look of your outdoor areas. When you choose to install a design from our Modular Umbrella Range, you will be getting a permanent structure that is made to protect your customers from both the sun and the rain. These types of heavy-duty commercial outdoor umbrellas are perfectly suited to school playgrounds or large outdoor areas where you want your clientele to feel comfortable and protected.

Trust Street Umbrellas for superior design and quality

The expert team at Street Umbrellas has spent years perfecting the art of creating heavy-duty commercial outdoor umbrellas for Australian businesses. From the functional membrane structures to the fabric used in our umbrella production, you can trust that the innovation and engineering from Street Umbrellas will only be matched by the design expertise and quality of materials that you will find in the finished product. Street Umbrellas is the expert in commercial umbrellas and takes great pride in changing the appearance of businesses through our quality commercial umbrellas in both fixed and retractable styles.

The place to go for heavy-duty outdoor umbrellas

Contact Street Umbrellas to arrange your first design meeting today. Our team will happily meet at your office or on-site to discuss the right outdoor umbrella, heavy-duty materials and design concepts for you. We have a vast network of dealers around the country who will take care of your umbrella installation and even provide you with after-market service to ensure that your business umbrellas are always taken care of. Browse our collection online to find the kind of heavy-duty commercial outdoor umbrellas that will take your business to the next level today.

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