Street Umbrellas – Our Team

We are committed to a disciplined approach.

Our professional expertise covers the full spectrum of design, engineering, construction skills.  Our staff and systems are also highly mobile & this ensures the correct project team with the appropriate skills are assembled for each project. Street Umbrellas enjoys a very high retention rate and this is evidence that confirms our reputation as a leading manufacturer & supplier of Architectural and Modular Umbrellas that cares about & delivers on quality, design, innovation, engineering and development of our team.

At the heart of our approach is our customers & for us innovation simply needs to equate into a change that in return adds value for our customers.

What We Do…

Our service offering includes:

  • Manufacturing
  • Design & Engineering
  • Installation Contracting
  • Project Management
  • Building Material Supplier

Who Are Street Umbrellas…

We are a privately owned company that specialises in the design, assembly and installation of commercial umbrellas and tension membrane structures. Street Umbrellas has a proud history through our commercial project success, the company commenced in Sydney and now operate throughout Australia, Asia & New Zealand.

Our Principles

We have codified four principles. These principles define the way we conduct business.


Our people are continually encouraged to solve problems through innovative ways.


We create the necessary processes & guidelines for innovative craftsmanship techniques to flourish.


We encourage minimalistic design principles whether they are big or small.


We have dedicated company channels to share & develop our quality processes.

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